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We’re the Millers – Best Movie 2013

I laughed form the binning to the end of this movie waking everyone up in my house and it was worth it. I give this film a 10 out of 10, I haven’t seen a film that has made me laugh this hard in years.

This film is about a small time weed dealer who one day get’s all his stash and money robbed while trying to help someone out, unfortunately this leaves him in a predicament as he doesn’t have the fund’s to pay off his slightly wacky dealer.

The only way out is for him is to travel down to Mexico and pick up a smig of weed. David knows there is no way he will get of Mexico with out getting court so he comes up with an ingenious plan and highers a wife, son and daughter to come along with him.

His wife happens to be a stripper who lives in the same apartment block as him, his daughter a small time homeless thief and his son is a lonely dork who also lives in the same apartment block.

Along the way they manage to get into lodes of trouble with some big time Mexican gangsters and get’s double crossed by his boss.

I don’t want to tell you to much as this is a must see movie and the trailer does not do it justice, unlike other movies where all the good parts are in the trailer this one is the complete opposite.



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