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Waxy O’connors – london

Waxy O’conners in London is an wonderful Irish bar unlike any other I have ever been to, it has 7 bar’s altogether spread out in a maze of staircases.433cfa232ff90869a7d3cd37cbcd73ad

It almost has a magical feeling to it and if you go when an event is on, Say Halloween for example you will have the time of your life.  It’s almost like you have stepped through a portal in to another world, so if your into your fantasy books this is defiantly the place for you.


Filled with young vibrant people all who seem to have the same zest for life, you are guaranteed to have a great time, Just take a look at there facebook page.


It’s open till midnight when it matters so not somewhere to go all night be definitely  somewhere to start the night off and it is situated very close to a great range of club and hotels. So if you intende on staying in London at any point then make sure you check this place out.


Waxy O’Connor’s

14-16 Rupert St
London W1D 6DD




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