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Kevin Richardson Hug’s a Wild Lion

Kevin Richardson a zookeeper form South African has stunned the world by his extremely brave or very stupid idea of attempting to bond with wild Lions.

It just so happened it turned out to be extraordinary one and no one else could have attempted this amazing feat and got away with the same results as Kevin.

Kevin spent years studding Lions, their behavior, their emotions and most of all their way of life. He understood these on a fundamental level  which gave him the knowledge he needed to be able to interact with the Lions the way he did and not get eaten of course.

This stunned the wildlife and scientific community and changed the way people had perceived animals for thousands of years.

After sleeping, eating and living with the Lions Kevin became emotional involved with the Lions and decided to use his new skills to warned of poachers, I only hope poachers don’t ruin what Kevin has done here as I don’t believe we will see this again, it’s not every day you come across a man this brave or  crazy.

Kevin Richardson the man who Hug’s Lions



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