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Hollister Customer Service Nightmare

Hollister clothing company might make great cloths but it turns out they don’t want you returning them if you have any problems as one of their very unhappy customer found out.

After sending over 19 emails and countless phone calls Miss Hannah Price decided the only way she was ever going to get an apology out of them was to write one to herself and believe me I have never laughed so hard, I nearly fell off my chair while reading it.

I also loved some of the comments made by Miss Price when she received inadequate response from Hollister e.g.

OMFG! Feed back form for Hollister I commented that I would rather be punched in the face then deal with the company again and I get an email back saying I’m threatening their staff??!?? Is Hollister where people go if the fast food industry won’t have you? (Genuine question I asked)

Here is the letter Miss Hannah Price sent to herself:

Hollister Customer Service Nightmare

Also after having done a little bit of research of our own we noticed Miss Price wasn’t the only one to have a bad time.  There are many bad reviews and someone even went to the effort of making a video about how bad they where.

We here at 420news are very sorry to hear about your unhappy time with Hollister and would like to offer you our sincere  apologies and also thank you for making our day.



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