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Build This Open Source Car in an Hour

That’s right, you could build this open source car in less time then it took me to put together my bookshelf from IKEA.

They are calling this minimal car OSVehicle Tabby and you can also get the UK road legal version called the Urban Tabby. Well to be honest you can get s much or as little of this car as you like as everything is an extra, including the body kit.

For and extra €80 you can even get your self a couple of seats.
To buy one of these cars is quite a simple process really, kind of like pick and mix sweets except you have a minimum requirement. All you do is go to there website and tick the parts you want, including seats, bodywork and engine size.

The best part is, it’s quite cheep. Who would have thought, most people would charge an arm and leg for something you can put together youself at home in under an hour.



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