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Blackphone – The First NSA Proof Phone

The Black Phone really is the first phone to be NSA proof, as you are all well aware today our privacy comes at a prices and I bet when this phone launches it will be no exception.

Needles to say it really is a shame we have got to go to such great lengths to get some privacy but thanks to the collaboration of two great companies called Silent Circle and Geeksphone that’s exactly what we can now have.

You might ask who would need such a phone, the CIA, James Bond maybe but maybe it’s just a good way to say “NO!” you can have my privet information when ever you like and no the NSA cannot look at my photos when every they get board at work, trust me they would keep you amused.

Maybe it’s just a way to stick it to the man and take back a bit of our human rights. The right to have some privacy which I think we all deserve every now and again, it’s bad enough wondering if someone is spying on me through my web cam while I’m getting changed let alone look at all my photos and texts.

Any Way that’s enough from me, here is the video…



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